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1. The Warranty period begins as of the delivery of the product and is valid for 2 years.

2. The product including all parts is under the warranty coverage of our company.

3. If the product failure occurs during the warranty period, the time at the service for repair shall be added to the warranty period. The repair time of the product is 30 working days at most. This period begins as soon as the failure is notified to the service station or, in case of no service station found there, one of product seller, dealer, agency representative, importer or manufacturer.

4. If the product failure occurs because of material or craftsmanship or assembly errors during the warranty period, no fee shall be paid under the name of the the fee for substitute part or any other reason.

5. In case of

- the user is not able to benefit from the product as a result of the fact that the product repeats a failure more than two times within a year during the warranty period, or different failures occurs more than four times within a year.

- if the repair period is exceeded;
- in case of non-available of the service station and it is specified by one of the seller, dealer, agency, representative, importer and manufacturer respectively through a document that the repair of the product is not possible, then the product shall be changed without any payment.
6. The damages results from the misuse on the contrary specified in the user's guide of the product shall be excluded from the warranty coverage.
7. For the disputes arising regarding Warranty Certificate, the users can apply Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Directorate of Protection of Consumers and Competition. Thank you for using Jack Pierre watches. We hope you use your watches, which are produced in accordance with accurate and high quality standards, for a long time without any problem. In cases of repair, Jack Pierre Service Centers will provide service for you. In order that the Jack Pierre watch that you have bought can benefit from the warranty terms, the certificate should be filled true, complete and accurately. The watches do not have warranty certificates, or the certificates that are not filled accurately, or amended documents and the documents containing misinformation shall not be included in the warranty coverage.